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resistance theme - Mtyma McNeal November 30th 2010 William...

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M’tyma McNeal November 30 th , 2010 William Gonch English 802 Resistance Essay Throughout history there have been many injustices. In Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham” he said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere…Whatever directly affects one directly affects all indirectly” (473). The novel “Kindred” by Octavia Butler does a great job at addressing the social and cultural problems of both slavery and of the 1970’s. The main character Dana is forced to go back in time and face the harsh realizations of slavery and the current time that she lives in. In the novel Dana does many things to resist the ways of those time periods but some things she has no control over. I believe Dana’s acts of resistance were effective and were put to great use in the many situations that she found herself in. This novel brings to light much of the history and consequence of slavery and shows how he past has shaped the present. During Dana’s second account of time-traveling there was an instance when Rufus called Dana “A strange nigger”. Dana was appalled and told Rufus, “I’m a black woman, Rufe. If you have to call me anything other than my name, “that’s it” (25). This was an act of resistance from Dana because by her asking Rufus not to call her a nigger, it could possibly affect him making him see that the word was wrong and by Rufus using it he was lowering her as a person. Rufus could have possibly stopped calling Dana and other black people around him “niggers” as. It was as if Dana was trying to stop the use of the word at that very moment. Gloria Naylor wrote an article named “Mommy, What does ‘Nigger’ mean?” In this article she talks about how the
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word nigger began as a degrading term that white people called black people and later turned into a word that black people have come to identify with. “If the word was to disappear totally from the mouths of even the most liberal of white society, no one in that room was naive enough to believe it would disappear from white minds. Meeting the word head-on, they proved it had absolutely nothing to do with the way they were determined to live their lives. So there must
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resistance theme - Mtyma McNeal November 30th 2010 William...

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