099 final exam - Spring 2010 English 099 Final Exam Name_...

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Spring 2010 English 099 Final Exam Name_________________________________________________ Annotation of “About Facebook” _____/20 points Questions on “About Facebook” _____/30 points Annotation of “Telling Friends Where You Are (or Not)” _____/10 points Outline of “Telling Friends Where You Are (or Not)” _____/20 points Summary of “Telling Friends Where You Are (or Not)” _____/20 points Total _____/100 points Part I Ari Melber "About Facebook" Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Use your own words. If you would like to quote from the articles, please use quotation marks and paragraph numbers to indicate exactly where your quotation came from. (2 points each) 1. What is the main idea of the article? Is the main idea stated or implied? Please express the author's main idea in a single sentence. 2. Sum up the article in no more than five sentences. 3. What are Melber's concerns about Facebook? 4. What are Melber's suggestions on how the users should protect themselves from harm? 5. In paragraph 6, the author says that Facebook's founder had to apologize to users. Why? 6. What is the difference between the new and the old privacy? 7. According to the article, Facebook's growth "quadrupled its user base over the past year" (para. 10). How much did it grow? 8. Paraphrase paragraph 13 in the provided space.
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9. Create a graph that shows the population of UCLA, Boston, and Boston Herald networks. See paragraph 17. 10. An instructor in your computer class asks you to memorize the following six terms exactly as they appear here: social networking , public search , information gathering , self-maintained Internet profiles , new privacy , old privacy . Use a catchphrase to memorize the six terms in sequence. Write your catchphrase in the provided space. 11. In paragraph 16, the author suggests that privacy does not matter to children who were raised in "a weird culture." Explain what does the author mean by his words. 12. What does the term "social advertising" mean (para. 4). Explain. 13. Melber ties social-networking sites with surveillance. How are they linked? 14. How has Facebook changed the way we think about privacy, according to Melber? 15. According to the author, young people in particular are drawn to social networking. Do you agree? If you do, please explain why by providing one or two reasons behind your agreement of disagreement with the author and backing up your reasons with specific details. Part II
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099 final exam - Spring 2010 English 099 Final Exam Name_...

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