108 exam - Spring 2010 English 108 Final Exam Name_...

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Spring 2010 English 108 Final Exam Name________________________________________________ Annotation of "You Are Not What You Eat" _____/20 points Questions on "You Are Not What You Eat" _____/30 points Annotation of “What's Eating Us?” _____/10 points Outline of “What's Eating Us?” _____/20 points Summary of “What's Eating Us?” _____/20 points Total _____/100 points Part I Jeffrey Steingarten "You Are Not What You Eat" Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Use your own words. If you would like to quote from the articles, please use quotation marks and paragraph numbers to indicate exactly where your quotation came from. You may write in the provided space or in the blue book, depending on your instructor's suggestions . 1. What is the main idea of Steingarten's article? Is the main idea stated or implied? Please express the author's main idea in a single sentence. 2. Sum up the article in no more than five sentences. 3. According to the author eating fat does not make us fat (para.8). What does make us obese then, according to the author? Sum up paragraph 8 in your own words. 4. The author suggests that diet articles have several harmful effects (para. 10). What are they? 5. What is the main point of paragraph 12? Identify the author's topic sentence. Write down the author's topic sentence in your own words. 6. Outline the author's proposal in paragraph 13. 7. In paragraph 16 the author asks, "Where in the world could they have gotten that idea?" What does he mean? And what are his answers?
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8. What does it mean to say that your weight is genetically determined? 9. Suppose a biology instructor asks you to memorize the terms "obesogenic," "biliopancreatic," "flabbergasting," "bariatric," "euphoric," and "crystalline." Make up a catchword or acronym that will help you remember all six words. 10. What is the author's tone in his conclusion? Why do you think he talks about his international conference on obesity in his conclusion rather than in his introduction? Is the author's conclusion effective? What does the author want to achieve? Evaluate the author's
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108 exam - Spring 2010 English 108 Final Exam Name_...

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