A developmental approach to the sentence boundary problem

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A developmental approach to the sentence boundary problem Some of the English teachers take a remedial approach in English 098 and focus on correcting errors, specifically sentence fragments, run-ons, or comma splices. Since the Lab is intended to offer an alternative to the classroom – a more personalized, supportive environment – this issue of sentence boundary errors can be addressed in activities which teach students the essential elements of a sentence and give them practice in writing a variety of sound sentences. If the classroom teacher does not have any specific activities, the Lab instructor could teach these six Lab classes for the first half of the semester. 1. Nouns and Verbs (This activity has two objectives. First, the students can discover how to identify words used as nouns, which are preceded by an article, and words used as verbs, which show action. The students can apply these guidelines by writing pairs of sentences, one of which uses a word as a noun and another which uses the same word as a verb.
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