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Underline run when it is used as a verb and circle it when it used as a noun. 1. The quarterback runs down the field. 2. The quarterback made a run around left end. 3. My mother runs around all day taking care of things. 4. My mother is always on the run. 5. "Run this off on the printer!" cried the boss. 6. The first press run of the yearbook was two thousand copies. 7. I have run out of money. 8. Fred finally lost, but he gave Dave a good run for his money. Underline the verbs which express physical action and circle the verbs which express mental action. 1. She ignored the teacher's advice. 2. Her point of view deserves to be respected. 3. That pleases me very much.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. I mean what I say. 5. That newspaper belongs to my father. 6. Certain foods do not satisfy hunger. 7. Our fence needs a second coat of paint. 8. Our dog weighs eighty pounds. 9. How much money do you owe? 10. The lawyer charged too little money. Underline the verbs which indicate a "state of being." 1. Grammar makes me ill. 2. The students ran wild. 3. My dream came true. 4. The milk went sour. 5. You can rest content now. 6. We had a fight. 7. The boys were proved innocent. 8. The machine stood idle. 9. We need to get ready now. 10. I hope that you will keep silent. From Breaking the Rules by Edgar Schuster, pp.29-30....
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