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Answer Key, Comma Quiz, Engl 098-182 Lab Class The Pyramids of Giza The pyramids of Giza , Egypt , a wonder of the ancient world , still inspire awe. Built five thousand years ago , the largest of these tombs was ordered by Khu-fu , a powerful pharaoh of ancient Egypt. The two smaller pyramids nearby belonged to his successors , his son , Khafre , and his grandson , Menkaure . The three pyramids—together with the Sphinx , many temples , and causeways—comprise a ceremonial complex for the dead not far from the Nile River. We marvel today at the ability of this ancient people to build such colossal structures without the benefit of work animals or machinery , not even the wheel. The great pyramid , for example , is 750 square feet and 480 feet high , roughly the size of Shea Stadium filled in with solid rock to a height of forty stories.
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Unformatted text preview: More than 100,000 workers , who were probably peasants forced into service , cut two-and-one-half-ton limestone blocks from quarries on the other side of the Nile , ferried them across the river, and then dragged them up ramps to be fitted exactly into place. Experts estimate that 2.3 million blocks had to be moved over a period of more than twenty years , to complete the project. Perhaps the greatest wonder , however , is that these structures have lasted. Countless other buildings , statues, and monuments have been constructed and admired , yet they have fallen into ruin while these magnificent structures remain. It has been said , in fact , that they could withstand a direct hit by an atomic bomb....
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