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Apostrope - 6 Many people think bankers hours—usually...

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Apostrophe Usage Add apostrophes where necessary and eliminate apostrophes which are used incorrectly to correct these sentences . 1. Many car's need to be returned to the dealer for service within the warranty period. 2. Some citizens' have been losing their homes' due to cracked foundations and crumbling walls. 3. My objectives' were well thought out, but I needed clearer plans' for achieving them. 4. James approach to learning a foreign language improved as he gradually mastered its basic grammar and structure. 5. Martin and Elizabeths' brand new car has all the neighbors' jealous.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Many people think bankers hours—usually from nine oclock until three oclock—are the only hours bank employees work. 7. John took his former boss advice when applying for a job in a new field. 8. The top jackpot on Frank's favorite slot machine is three red 7s. 9. Mike said the bag was his sisters, not his cousins daughters. 10. The students meeting with their teacher's helped clear up misunderstandings about the final examinations. Prepared by Dr. John Nace and Dr. Jay Howard, Learning Lab, Community College of Philadelphia, January 2000...
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