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CH 302 Random Musings, Spring 2010, Top of the First (January 25, 2011) 1. For folks new to the class, this is the first of a collection of random musings that I post once a week to keep you abreast of what is going on in class. Most important, specific questions about quizzes and exams as well as changes to the syllabus are provided here. Remember, it is your responsibility to read the musings even if you cannot come to class (they will be posted on the web.) I take a wearied view of students asking me questions that I previously answered in this forum. 2. About me. Everybody has a preference for the kind of humanity they hang with—old people, adults, college students.… for my money nothing beats hanging out with children. I have made a bunch of them myself, including a few a little older than you who are “adults” and basically out of my control, but there is a new crop coming along. The oldest of this batch, Sam, is ten and is named after Sam-I Am, of Green Eggs and Ham fame. With every day that passes Sam is more and more dork-like, and is further proof that if you have enough kids, one of them will become an engineer. Maddie is my eight year old and is named after the Madeline character. She is proof that if you have enough kids, one will be a girl. I am still learning how to raise daughters but one thing I know for sure from being around one is she is a better person than me and lets me know it daily. For example, she just got an E+ for conduct. (So now we call her E+ and it drives her crazy.) The big problem for me right now is she is at an age that she refuses to go to the father –daughter dance with me. I will have to bribe her. My six year old, Nate Dog, is not named after Nate Dogg, the rapper (who has two gs in his name.) The Nate Dog that is my son, is a punk, and is proof that if you have enough kids, one of them will make you not want to have any more—I put him in Taekwondo so he would start hitting things legally. Except that we did have another one, Andrew, who is 2 and a half years old, doesn’t have a nickname, and thinks that he should have everything everyone else has--and screams bloody murder if he doesn’t get it. Life is a joy right now.
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3. Your first quiz is Tuesday, February 2, exactly one week from today and will cover the material in the first four lectures and on Worksheet 1. For those new to this class, quizzes are used instead of homework as my way of forcing you to keep up with the material. They are not intended to be as challenging as the tests. Some things you should know about quiz procedures: Quizzes will occur the last 20 minutes of class and will cover 8 questions worth five points each.
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rm012511 - CH 302 Random Musings, Spring 2010, Top of the...

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