rm020311 - Random Musings February 3, 2011 1. The results...

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Random Musings February 3, 2011 1. The results from the first quiz are in and the average was a 75 which is okay, but you can do better than that. No questions are being killed since all of them were answered at >50% correct. I am disappointed in the two colligative property questions which were answered correctly by only about half of you. In thinking about preparing for the next quiz, and for the first exam, be aware that we will be learning knew material right up until you are tested, and the newest material will require the greatest attention since it is the least familiar. I am especially concerned that about 70 of you who got half the questions or less correct. This should send a big wake up call that you are either not studying the right way or don’t know how to study for my quizzes and exams. I urge all of you to redouble your efforts and get started on learning the material in a systematic way. 2. “How to get an A in Dr. Laude’s Class” presentation by Dr. Laude on Sunday evening, February 13 th , at 8 pm. As I mentioned the first day of class, I do not believe in curves and in fact believe instead that my job is to make it possible for you to learn what is expected for this course, and if I do so, I will give you an A, just like I gave 220 out of 502 students As in the fall. Well there are 110 new students this semester, many of whom are wondering what the heck is going on— “doesn’t Dr. Laude actually teach anything?” many of you might be saying as I explode balloons and play hip hop music. No wonder I receive numerous e-mails from new students who are not used to how my course works and would like advice on how best to study. In response, I will host a “How to get an A in Dr. Laude’s Class” presentation February 13 evening at 8 pm in this room. During that time I will offer the study strategies that I have seen work both in terms of week to week learning of the material and specifically, what you should do to prepare for my quizzes and exams. All are invited—most folks who had me for CH301 will have heard what I have to say before. It is my strong hope that
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you will start doing what I recommend early so you aren’t in my office after spring break, on the other side of two failed exams, having to hear me repeat what I will tell you on Sunday. 3. No time like the present to learn what it is you need to learn--there is a quiz on the 15 th and an exam on the 24 th . I will have plenty of details about the exam in the next musings but for now be aware that it will be from 7:30 till 9 in rooms to be determined and if you have to take the make-up it will be the following Sunday night,
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rm020311 - Random Musings February 3, 2011 1. The results...

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