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Random Musings February 10, 2011 1. There is a quiz coming on Tuesday. I do hope you remember the challenge I made to the class—it is imperative that you do better than last year’s class when it comes to quiz 2, otherwise I will have to start referring to you as “the second best class I ever had, you know, after last year’s class which was better than you by any statistical measure…. .” Anyway, you can fix this problem by performing well on the upcoming quiz despite a staggering array of weather-related excuses not to study or get help. 2. For the record: Quiz 2 results in 2009: 70. Quiz results in 2010: 78%. Quiz 2 results in 2011 (Laude’s prediction): 83% (don’t let me down) 3. As posted on Thursday last week, question types for quiz 2 are Setting up an equilibrium expression Using LeChatlier’s Principle to determine reaction direction Comparing Q to K to determine reaction direction Using the RICE set-up to find equilibrium values Understanding the relationship between free energy and equilibria: DG = -RTlnK Understanding the relationship between temperature and equilibria (Van’t Hoff equation) Understanding the autoprotolysis of water and its temperature dependence Calculating molar solubility from K sp 4. Reminder that the worksheets through the first exam are posted. By this weekend, you should be able to do Worksheet 3 and starting next week you really need to be working on worksheets 4, 5 and 6 in earnest. 5. The usual materials before a quiz will come in the following way: I will post a practice quiz 2 this weekend in the portal The TAs will write up their own practice quiz and it will be available Sunday in the portal.
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6. As mentioned in an e-mail earlier this week, I have now posted all the video clips through lecture 10 on line. They are in higher resolution than the fall version but are still quickly downloadable on campus and with any decent broadband internet providers (the one’s that aren’t decent know who they are no matter how much they advertise.). 7. “How to get an A in Dr. Laude’s Class” presentation by Dr. Laude on Sunday evening at 8 pm. No time like the present to learn what it is you need to learn--there is a quiz on the 15
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rm020911 - Random Musings 1 There is a quiz coming on...

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