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CH302 Random Musings February 17, 2011— Post V-Day special 1. Quiz 2 Results. Though I wanted an 83, the 75 was actually very good— looking at the distribution, more than half of you missed 1 or fewer. That is good. By the way, last year’s group benefited from a killed question that boosted their average and they had an easier quiz. So I am willing to view the two classes as neck and neck in the “smartest class ever” race—exam 1 will tell the tale. 2. THEORY QUESTIONS—THE BANE OF YOUR EXISTENCE. One reason the quiz 2 average wasn’t an 83 is that I intentionally made the van’t Hoff problem one where you had to do theory (in other words, you had to read a lot of words.) I did this because you can be guaranteed that the hardest questions on the first exam will be the “theory” questions and there will be a lot of them. Which means you need to start putting the effort into understanding them. To do so, you have to own the vocabulary of this course and be able to construct a series of logical sentences, in sequence, that you can say out loud as proof you know the theory. If you can’t, you don’t know the theory, and you will miss the questions on the exam. I have highlighted in red, below, the questions for which a conversational knowledge of the material is essential to success on the exam. Sof or every question in red, be able to look at a study buddy, and talk their ear off without say words like “thingy or stuff.” 3. There is a first exam coming up next Thursday evening. I have provided the question types for it below and will hold a review next Monday night. A format and procedure for exam 1 is found at the end of the musings. But some highlights include: The exam will be Thursday evening from 7:30 till 9:30 pm. You get 120 minutes, sharp. Room locations: Last name A-L will be Welch 2.224. Last name M-V will be in W. C. Hogg 1.120 and W – Z will be in Welch 2.256. You will be given a sheet of equations and constants and a periodic table. This is a calculator-free exam. No electronic devices are to be used during the exam, and you may not be in possession of any electronic devices while the exam is in progress. A make-up exam will be given the following Sunday evening from 6 to 8:00 pm in Welch 2.224.
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4. Here are the exam question types—they were posted two weeks ago. Physical Equilibria 1 temperature dependence of phase changes 2 vapor pressure theory 3 salt dissociation in water 4 phase diagram interpretation 5 phase diagram navigation 6 calculating Δ H from heating across phases transitions 7 gas solubility in liquids 8 ranking miscibility of liquids 8 calculating vapor pressure in binary system 10 Clausius Clapeyron equation theory 11 colligative property application 12 colligative property calculation 13 colligative property theory Chemical Equilibria 14 setting up K from equilibrium expression 15 calculating equilibrium concentrations from K 16 calculating equilibrium concentrations from K
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rm021711 - CH302 Random Musings February 17, 2011 Post...

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