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Unformatted text preview: A very Brief Pre-Exam Random Musings With a Bunch of Student-Edition Love Poetry 1.There is an exam Thursday evening. The details were in the last musings including your room location which I present here. • The exam will be Thursday evening from 7:30 till 9:30 pm. You get 120 minutes, sharp. • Room locations: Last name A-L will be Welch 2.224. Last name M-V will be in W. C. Hogg 1.120 and W – Z will be in Welch 2.256. • You will be given a sheet of equations and constants and a periodic table. • This is a calculator-free exam. No electronic devices are to be used during the exam, and you may not be in possession of any electronic devices while the exam is in progress. • A make-up exam will be given the following Sunday evening from 6 to 8:00 pm in Welch 2.224. 2. There is a make-up exam on Sunday evening. Anyone can take it. You don’t need to e-mail to let me know. Repeat. You don’t need to e-mail to let me know you are taking the make-up on Sunday. 3. Did you know that only 42 people have opened my practice exam even though it has been posted for more than 100 hours and fewer than 50 hours remain until the test? This means that at most about 10% of you are studying the way I recommend. The problem is likely that many of you, remembering last semester in CH301, believe you will be able to pull out an A with last minute cramming. The problem is that this doesn’t happen in CH302 like it does in CH301. Why? It isn’t that the material is conceptually more difficult, it is that what you have to do to get a question right in CH302 takes a lot more work. It is the difference between a two-part invention and a three-part invention. Very simply, there are a lot more notes on a CH302 exam. A LOT MORE. And every note is a chance to miss something. Oh, and what did your music teacher always say about playing a piece perfectly? Lots of slow, consistent practice. Except that you are running out of time. My prediction for this exam: 62 Travis’ prediction for this exam: 68 4. Not that we aren’t trying to help. On the worksheet page we have now posted video answer keys to the first four worksheets. In addition, I have added a half dozen video clips to the lectures that are of particular value in studying for this exam. You were e-mailed about this last night. 5. A reminder that Travis will have a review session tonight at 9 pm in WCHogg 1.120. 6. I have –emailed you a pdf of my notes from the review session last night. 7. Student love poetry. A lot of it. Thanks for contributing. Two from Laura Wright Love Nor is it easy to say: Yesterday all the shadows, denizens of gray, came out bright on the sidewalk and I who had never seen them for more than shade or dark relief because of you found them to be fireworks Love;Texas I am too young to know what love is. Still— I know there are those whom I would drive across Texas beside, to whom gladly I would explain the significance of each asphalt vein. Unrequited love, how you haunt me so. You never let me rest, you never let me go. Give me peace and either die or thrive. For with only you I will not survive. Blossom into something full and free, Or leave my restless mind to be Alone in this harsh world of Bad Romance. Your kiss is beautiful, with its bite, and with it comes a majestic flight. Your free energy's high, but I don't mind, The more the merrier! Hooray mankind! Couples tonight will spend loads of cash, Then tomorrow wake up, their charges clash. But our enthalpy will increase, in the dark, And you shall leave your Makers Mark. For you my dear, are a significant figure, who comes with many ways to configure, And as I look back, my memories dilute, My love solution is Absolut. Ever since our initial reaction, I knew this was some first class action. You're my dearest companion, the perfect pH My lovely C2 ­H5 ­O ­H. (Ethyl Alcohol) Roses are red, Violets are blue, Thanks for making that quiz easy, I really owe you. "My dearest, I need your positivity to swathe me ubiquitously. I wait in a flask, waiting for you long-sufferingly. Like a princess in a crystal tower, needing an embrace. My monoprotic acid, make a solution with this weak base." Haikus About The Love of The Fiery Dragon By: Three Unknowns (KBM) Fiery dragon, Red luscious hair of passion, White pale skin so smooth. Man of all our dreams, Before us in Chemistry, Could it be true love? Eyes so intriguing, Physique so flawless and neat, Twilight Vampire? Secret three lovers, Ladies brunette and in red, Find us in the crowd. We wish you were ours, Forever our own TA, Daniel the perfect. Kiss Me! We sit so close, I could pull the hair out of your nose. Isn't it grand? I see in your eyes the sand. The wrinkles round your eyes have become quite some valleys, and remind me of millions of laughters so hard that we had to hold our bellies. You added some pounds against fashion, so I'll have more to love and hold on to with passion. You are candy for the eye and for the heart: strong, talented, loving, handsome, and hot; humble, polite, thoughtful, and smart. You are my life's bullseye, and sometimes I'm so happy that I cry. Imperfections, perfections, all the same to me, only reasons to care for you or admire with glee. You look at me and I blush, because I love you like a little girl who has a crush. The years pass in a dash, but my love for you has never been so fresh. Give me kiss before you go pee, because I'll miss you and you'll miss me.  ­Stefanie Griffith About records that will never be broken—for sure there is Cy Young’s 511 wins, Wooden’s 7 NCAA championships, the Isner ­Mahut 3 day Wimbeldon match Oh, and the 40 or so poems that Nicole wrote for my Valentine’s Day edition. They are provided below for your appreciation (or awe.) The Nicole Nguyen Corner Like Roses Men are like roses Buds so tightly closed With time, they will bloom You must soak them with rays of sunshine Water them with the love in your heart Fertilize them with kindness and sincerity So that they may grow and bloom before your eyes Only when they are fully open Do you begin to break off every petal Revealing every secret and story Hidden behind all these rosy layers Slowly tear these layers away Smoothing your fingers over floral lips Let trust grow like vines on his heart Taller and taller everyday And when you have slipped off every petal You are left with the most raw form of him That from which everything stems from His true self, despite the imperfections of humanity To look past all that you have learned of him No matter the surprise or shock or disappointment The green stub, the mutilated stem, that’s him With walls torn down, vulnerable to your love “He loves me, he loves me not”, you ask Well, I’m pretty sure that by now He loves you. A Substitute for Kisses A kiss must be One of the most beautiful Embraces in the world But without another To reciprocate or bestow them Upon me love’s sweet seal I must make do With this cacao confection A little thing called Hershey’s Kisses My drug, my addiction A rush of happiness To make up for lack of a Physical connection of a lover. Study Hard Instead of having your nose Stuck in a used biology textbook Learning about DNA replication Why don’t you close that book of yours And read the one I hold open for you? Instead of peering through glass beakers And stirring with thermometers on hot plates Watching chemical reactions take place Why don’t you let us mix and swirl And make a substance of our own called love? Instead of writing analytical essays Concerning the mechanisms of catabolism And sitting there with a throbbing head Why don’t you break down your own walls And be my teacher and tell me your secrets? Instead of painfully learning a difficult song Full of multi ­fingered chords and syncopated rhythms And bringing cacophonous notes together to make Perfect melodies that coax one’s soul from one’s heart Why don’t you sing me your own song And tell me how long you have loved me from afar? Forget about the school we go to Forget the assignments to do and concepts to learn Be my student and study me carefully I am hard to grasp, but once understood The reward you will earn is the greatest of all Not an A ­plus; no, something much more… My heart in return. Chemical Reaction Sitting relatively still In crystal clear glass flasks Two clear unknown liquids Two hands grasp the containers Pouring both into one beaker Simultaneously mixing Our particles swirling around Brushing past one another The electricity apparent between us Tearing us apart Ripping the atoms of their bonds Until we see one another for who we are Floating around in some chemical limbo Fragmented substances collide rapidly Insecure and hating this broken self Crashing into one another In one spark ­filled explosion Colors change like chameleons having seizures Gas and liquid foam overflowing Evaporating away into a thinning fog When equilibrium set in I’ve found you and you have found me Finally stable with a love unbreakable. Stained Glass Your eyes Like stained glass The colors so vibrant Telling the story of your life I’m entranced But one day You looked at me With eyes so sad I saw the broken glass Piece by piece I mended you After staring in your eyes For so long Seeing the love pooling there I couldn’t help but gasp For breaths of air You’ve taken my heart away I’m captivated! Take it, it’s yours I will gladly paint and make Another stained glass window This time, one of you and I And we’ll tell our own timeless story. Barely Hanging On Depression gives birth To seemingly permanent insomnia Neither loved here nor there Nor in the world I live in Eyes look up through wet lashes My heart beating near lifelessly Writhing on the floor I showed you my inside self With surgical precision I removed my heart to give to you Abhorred by my present You dropped it on the ground The impact of earthquake proportions My last breaths I take The thread of life nearly ripped at the seams A single fiber holding me together Before I fall apart forever A heart so strong, I loved you too hard Now I’ve fallen and tumbled down rocky cliffs Scraped knees still bleeding as I pick my scabs I can’t forget you… You just weren’t ready for me My selfish mind thinks And I cannot sleep for my dreams Are plagued with your sweet smile And twinkling eyes and glowing face And racing thoughts of why Why you killed me with two letters: NO. Prescription for Heartache With shaking hands And flooding eyes I grab all the sweets Sitting beside me And propel them into my mouth Hoping for sweet solace Chemical reactions Rushing endorphins through my veins Only momentary comfort In sugar ­laden foods I sit here wasting away Chocolate wrappers strewn on the ground Empty ice cream buckets toppled Over one another, lifeless. Inky calligraphic marks Flowing on my face I’ve painted for you my pain Hands outstretched toward you Holding onto anyone Who will whisper sweet nothings to me Just sweet words to make my heart leap Whispers that are barely audible Meaningless For once I’m alone, the effect fades But I hang on nonetheless Just to hear what my heart wants to hear What my heart yearns to feel Yet words are just words Not a warm body to hug Or smiling eyes to lose myself in. Indulging in glimpses of happiness Only brings me torrents of despair The only cure for my heartache Prescribe to me The love of another man Something real, something pure It’s something you You just know it’s true. It’s Cold Outside Darling, it’s cold outside I’m your lover from afar Freezing to the bone If you simply glance my way Simply smile at me As you catch me admiring you Your kindness makes my warmth Erupt from my heart Spreading throughout my body Like a cancer because This love isn’t right But what is wrong in others’ eyes Well, that’s fine with me Because you’ll be my Adonis Perfect in every way Sculpted by God, gifted with intelligence That’s you and I hope you realize Just how wonderful you are to me. Opening Up With every day I see you My heart swells with happiness You were a book unopened A book I was too afraid to read Something from the restricted section But today, I pulled you from the shelf Reading and glossing over The surface of your pages Just a little sneak ­peek today Flipping through your pages To see what you’re made of To see what secrets lie behind Your oh so beautiful exterior Judge not a book by its cover Surprise after surprise today But they only make you more Beautiful in my eyes I cannot wait to see you again To look upon you once more Without fear of being caught To smile and wave hi as friends do To spend my nights enjoying Your company and talking the night away Forget about school and studying I want to learn more about you. POEM: On the first day of class There was one who caught my eye So different and unique and intriguing I could not take my eyes off of him So intelligent, so lovely, so calm My heart could not stop singing Whenever I saw you Yet the one thing that holds me back Is that I know this love is wrong People say it?s innocent But there is nothing I can do about it There are boundaries we must keep On the orbitals of love Two electrons we are On two different levels Fated to never touch My heart cries If only we could form A triple bond That would bring us closer One sigma, two pi That equals you and I Transition metal Aufbau exceptions This love was never meant to happen Nickel doesn?t follow Palladium?s pattern s2d8, that?s me s0d10, that?s you My octet is not happy without you Knowing that this love will never be But there is always hope To just be your friend No covalent bonding That?s just saying What?s mine is yours Are you wondering who you are? You are the one who stares afar Quiet and reserved Among all the TAs You sort of seem the odd one out But in my heart You?re perfect the way you are  ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ Funny Rhymes: Triple bond I always fawn For you I hate it when you ?argon? from my sight Daniel, you are my gold When I saw your face I was sold When I saw you in this class of Laude?s I thought you were such a hottie I found quantum mechanics confusing So I wrote a poem for you in the Random Musings I?m like an Aufbau exception Give me your electron And this love is perfection Letting Go My stubborn heart Clutching your arms Trying to bring you back But you weren’t there I was simply grasping nothing Nothing but air It broke my heart To see what I could not have To see the person Who would not accept my heart I’ve finally let you go And I’ve never felt better. Sleep (A Series of Haikus) Sleep, the magic drug, Bends time to pass by the days So I can forget Forget your smile That haunts me so in my sleep A life without you You may be gone now But the love you had for me Is etched on my heart Heartbroken, I am From wounds spring words of sadness Tears drench my pillow. His Loveliness (A Haiku) First day of lecture Light red hair, beautiful face Oh wow that’s lovely. Struggle (A Haiku) Your face, it still brings Stinging pain to my heart, I Struggle to forget. Sunset (A Haiku) The sun descends down To kiss iced ­over soil You smile at me. A Broken Something Sitting on a bench Oh so prim and proper Sophisticated and beautiful Her mind off in the clouds Scattered thinking Made sense in fragments He spotted her and loved her Her cheeks rosy as Red Delicious apples Her heart a blooming flower So radiant and full of happiness She was complete And yet suddenly empty Leaving without a moment’s notice His silence, a hole in her heart A clock that could not tick The gears turning idly on their pegs Lost and disconnected She was a broken something Missing a most crucial piece Half her heart beats today One day the great Tinkerer Will fix her broken heart And let the gears turn the hands of Time once more Screwing tight to her heart, the man who will love her Who will give her life meaning and a whole and happy heart. Tick For Tock Like the second hand I will pass by you so many times Before you even notice me You, the hour hand Lost in the here and now Slowly living day by day We’ll never be able To match one another step for step Tick for tock We walk on different roads And I’m done waiting for you. An Academic Pursuit Love is like academic pursuit: Reading the actions of the other And analyzing the words they say Trying to understand this curious person So mysterious, my hands embrace this book Whose pages are not yet cut Day after day, I cut a page Opening to two leaves of wonderful secrets He tells me with trusting honesty. Writing your every thought About this person you are so intrigued by Warm feelings of love erupt from pen tips Spilling over onto the pages of my heart Journals and journals I fill With thoughts of you Every day an essay, an analysis Of your person, outside and inside. Arithmetic, I do in my head Adding up all your wonderful traits And evaluating them Are you the right one for me? Do you meet the conditions That make this theorem true? Factor in your actions, the good and the bad Subtract my feelings when you disappoint me But my heart grows exponentially At the sound of your voice, whispering sweet things. Love is a learning process: A search for the answer of the question That is etched in all of our hearts. “Are you the One for me?” Your Loss I showed my heart to you Such a precious treasure But with blank expression You did not poke at it Prod at it with questions Do you not want to know more about me? I let you see me as I am Hoping you’d love me in return Instead, my heart lies exposed and cold Like an untouched plate of dinner Unwanted for reasons unknown This is your loss I am the trophy you’ll never obtain I am better than any woman you’ll ever “love” Tell me in a few years If she can do anything I know I can do for you Can she pen poems for you that will strike your heart With arrows of dizzying happiness and fiery love? Can she grace her fingers across black and white keys With melodies that her heart sings That show her every feeling for you? Can she sit so close to your side With hands clasped in prayer Holding your hands inside of hers? Can she draw for you the image of perfection That she sees through her eyes Paying attention to your every detail? Can she look past your surface Past your good looks and candid humor Past what you show the rest of the world And see the beautiful heart you do not show many? Tell me if your precious darling can do that for you If she can, I’ll just continue on my way It’s obvious to me that Some men are more deserving of me than you. Moonlit Dreams Sleep, the caring mother Holding me warm in her arms Nodding off to peaceful dreams Dreams of the man who made my heart smile Who opened my cocoon, letting the butterflies flutter I dreamt of sweet kisses and sunset gazes The moonbeams light up even the darkest nights Even as we depart, you tell me I am always in your thoughts “Dream away, my sweet” Your words a glittering gold sand Washing over my eyes Your Adonic image ever present In my adventures of the subconscious. These Recycled Pages I filled these pages With sighs of longing Dreams of hope, lust, and love Love letters to you Tears of unrequited feelings And when you left, I tore them all out With the fury of a bull No more! I want to forget you And let my heart heal its wounds Crumpled up And into the wastebasket you go All my former feelings for you Dumped into a manhole Tossed out onto the streets Like urine from a bedpan As time passed The tissue grew back And my heart was whole But I still missed talking to you I never threw my trash away So I dug through the basket Smoothing out those recycled pages A fond memory you’ll always be For the way you made my heart flutter No one could ever recreate. Your Eyes Brown eyes So common one would think There is nothing special About such eyes Looking past that Brown eyes ooze with warmth Filling you with comfort The same way you feel When eating a decadent caramel brownie Blue eyes A rare trait to find Piercing like majestic glaciers Looking into them Is like a breath of fresh air The heart sighs with contentment I am at peace Floating in the deep blue ocean Green eyes Another rare treasure among us Vibrant as the leafy trees in a forest They bring a sense of excitement And wonder and adventure A heart leaping with joy You laugh, swinging through The tropical jungle Lost in such beauty Why have a preference For a mate of certain eye color? No matter what color One’s irises may be They all say the same things To look into someone’s eyes Is to look into their soul Just one look and you’ll know “I love you.” Incomplete Barely existing And trying to be happy Without you My heart lies dormant Incomplete The companionship of friends Is not enough It does not bring forth A torrent of feelings Only accessible through love I need you I need a man who loves me More than a lover A friend above all others Who will stay awake with me at night Talking and joking Hugging and cuddling A sweet soft kiss To electrify my heart I am whole. I am alive. The Swing Set Sitting on the rusty swing set Where we used to play Dragging my feet as I slowly swing My hands curled softly on rusted chains Closing my eyes I remembered you. A dim yet vivid memory Our laughter echoing in the back of my mind A sunny day and running around You pushed me in the swings Higher and higher and higher And let it slow down Catching hold of the chains Surprising me with a kiss. Oh, I’ll never forget that day. Another day by the swing sets You sat there slowly rocking I sat on your lap and faced you Wrapping my arms around your neck I went in for the kill Soft lips laced with sweet poison Your heart stopped for a moment And we fell down into the grass Embracing as gentle lovers do. Oh, I’ll never forget that day. Day after day We frolicked in our little playground Of childhood memories and adult adventures But soon, I began to feel the distance Increasing between us Everyday, you pushed me in the swing Farther and farther away The sun was setting when I opened my eyes There was no one to catch my swing No one to push my swing You left me. A melancholy goodbye to the sun That once illuminated my entire being I shed my tears upon that swing set And left my past behind altogether. Gentlemen I want to be courted I want you to have the courage to take me out I want strolls in the park I want opening of doors I want rowing on the lake I want playing on a tire swing I want love letters I want coy smiles I want blushing cheeks Why are most of the men of our society TOTAL wimps who are so scared of rejection? You never know that the girl you like Just might like you as well. Follow the example of the men of the 1800s Courteous gentlemen are desired in this day and age But often we ladies find men who are wusses Or men simply looking for a good bang So we feel hopeless in finding love. Angels’ Kisses Freckles splattered on my face People call these angels’ kisses I must have been kissed about A hundred times But I didn’t feel a thing My heart didn’t skip a beat It didn’t have me running To the top of the hills To sing until my lungs collapse It didn’t have me melting into A puddle of absolute ecstasy I have one simple request Will you be my angel And cover me with 100 kisses? Don’t Die Four words appeared on the screen Your sentences were choppy Something was wrong I knew you were heartbroken But I never thought it’d come to this ‘I…want…to die’ NO. I won’t let you I won’t let you throw away your life Not for her I don’t care how much you loved her Think about everyone who loves you Think about all your friends Don’t die just because of her I don’t want you to die Because if you didn’t notice I’m standing right here Ready to pick up your broken heart And mend it with my loving hands You came to me out of all people Knowing that I’d understand I was going through heartbreak as well He spurned my feelings To return to an ill ­fated pair Two puzzle pieces that do not match He left me for…THAT. I do understand If only you could see my heart My love for you oozes Through the rips he left me with I’m slowly healing Just like you ...
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