rm030111 - CH302 Random Musings March 1 2011 1 I do not...

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CH302 Random Musings March 1, 2011 1. I do not have the final scores yet, but I am very pleased with the results from the first exam. The average for the class will be in the high 70s which is very good. I am even more pleased with the make-up exam that is the closest to the regular exam average in history, only differing by a couple points. There may be some questions tossed but off the bat there don’t appear to be any obvious issues. Anyway, very good work. Way to step up. 2. There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who quit and those who don’t. If you did not succeed as you would have liked on the first exam, appreciate that there is plenty or room to change things and turn your grade around. The 50 students who aced my final and got an A in CH301 can attest to this. So how do you turn things around? That is up to you. Look inward, figure out what is broken in terms of study habits, foundational background, test taking skills, priorities-----and fix it. I am happy to meet with you to discuss your personal circumstances and what needs to be done, but don’t waste my time unless you are serious about changing and don’t walk in or out of the meeting with me thinking it will be easy. 3. There is a Quiz 3 the Tuesday before Spring Break. The question types for that quiz are: • identifying buffers (after neutralization) • simple buffer calculation • buffer neutralization calculation • strong acid/strong base titration calculation • strong vs weak titration calculation (to buffer) • strong vs weak titration calculation (to equivalence point) • approximations in acid base calculations • setting up complex equilibria calculations (mass and charge balance) 4. Thoughts on Quiz 3. You will notice that this quiz might be titled “All the hard stuff in acid base chemistry that makes the second CH302 exam the one with the lowest average score every year.” Kind of a long title but you get the idea. It isn’t necessarily that the material is all that conceptually hard (thought is hard enough), but the real issue is that proving you know the material is so much more detailed. For example, to perform a buffer neutralization calculation takes about 30 steps and you can’t get a single one wrong.
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rm030111 - CH302 Random Musings March 1 2011 1 I do not...

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