rm032411 - CH 302 Random MusingsMarch 24, 2011 1. Welcome...

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Unformatted text preview: CH 302 Random MusingsMarch 24, 2011 1. Welcome back from Spring Break. One of the things that will amaze those of you new to college is how rapidly the last half of the spring semester disappears leading to final exams. For many of you it will be the most challenging academic experience of your life if you are in a bunch of science courses. I still vividly recall my own experience that first spring semester trying to do well in chemistry, calculus, biology, chemistry lab and biology lab plus two liberal arts courses. I dont think I slept the week I had five finals in three days. So just strap on a seat belt and enjoy the ride. It will make what comes later in college seem like a walk in the park. 2. Starting five years ago I decided that my second round of children would not grow up thinking that spring break was when your dad stayed home and caught up on his e-mail. So beginning with New Orleans, and then the Smokey Mountains, and then New York, and then a beach in Destin, Florida, and then New York, my spring breaks involve carting a very large family around in a minivan somewhere far from home. This year it was a condo in Panama City and below is the usual beach at sunset picture of Maddiegirl (9), Nate Dogg (6) (by the way, I named my son after the rapper who died during spring breakkind of sad ), Sam I Am (11), Andrew (2) (who has no nickname because we named him quick so we could leave the hospital) and my wife (>18). This was my second spring break when I hung out where the college kids hang out. Just the family and a million frat kids from southern and mid west schools. And I dont mean to demean their partying nature, but from what I could tell, it was mostly a bunch of kids lying on a beach, playing volleyball, and barbequing while drinking light beer. Seriously, is all that MTV over-the-top partying debauchery contrived--or are southern frats a bunch of losers like CNS students? (p.s. When you have taught about 20,000 students who are currently between the ages of 18 and 24, it is impossible not to have a bunch of them walk up to you on the beach and say, Hey Dr. Laude, I used to be in your class. Here is a hintdrunk people cant tell that sober people are sober, but sober people can tell that drunk people are drunk.) 3. And how do I know CNS students are losers? Because I read your extra credits, and for the most part, 90% of you simply hung out with your families. I have enjoyed many of your responses, here is one I found especially amusing: You see when I went to school I bought my girlfriend a beta fish. She loved it and named it Squirt. It has been a long time overdue but the fish finally died this spring break. As I drove to see her at her college she called me, her voice sad and forlorn. Squirt was dead, and this was my chance. I told her to wait to flush him, because this was the opportunity of a lifetime. When I arrived I surveyed the lifeless body of her fish, both eyes were protruding and red looking upside-down from a glass of crystal clear...
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This note was uploaded on 09/17/2011 for the course CH 302 taught by Professor Holcombe during the Spring '07 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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rm032411 - CH 302 Random MusingsMarch 24, 2011 1. Welcome...

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