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CAP_plan - Have students read the text silently(10 min 4...

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Outline for Lab Class Orientation 1. Teacher introductions and review of Lab class syllabus (5 min) 2. Student introductions – name, major, high school attended. Complete student attendance form in folder; ascertain that students not on list are in correct classroom. (10 min) 3. Distribute the text “College Achievement Partnership” and lead a DRA (directed reading activity). Ask students to read title and skim text. What do they notice? Turn title into a question, “What are the advantages of the College Achievement Partnership?” Ask students to read to answer this question. Also ask students to find “signal words” which introduce each advantage.
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Unformatted text preview: Have students read the text silently. (10 min) 4. Ask students to list advantages of C.A.P. and discuss each. (10 min) 5. Ask students to identify “signal words” and ask how they helped reading comprehension. Encourage students to use signal words when writing. (5 min) 6. From the factors for success/attrition, select salient topics which C.A.P. addresses. (C.A.P. should promote institutional factors for success, should help with personal factors, and should help to eliminate attrition.) Build student’s confidence and encourage partnerships. (10 min) 7. Questions, wrap-up...
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