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College Achievement Partnership OrientationFL07 - College...

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College Achievement Partnership Orientation Special Features of the College Achievement Partnership The College Achievement Partnership (C.A.P.) is an extensive combination of courses and support services to teach you the skills you will need to succeed in college. To enable you to accomplish this goal, C.A.P. has some unique characteristics that distinguish it from other programs at Community College of Philadelphia. First, in the College Achievement Partnership, you will have small classes with a maximum of 20 students. In addition to small size, the English courses are clustered so that often you will have the same teacher for reading and writing. Third, these small, clustered classes are part of a sequence of classes designed to prepare you to function as a college freshman. English 101, or freshman composition, is a course which sets the goals for C.A.P., but also you will be given instruction to improve your ability to read college texts. Fourth, the instructors are dedicated to their course and students. Many have spent years developing and improving their materials and lessons. Some of the English and math instructors may be using computer technology in their classes, and many of them
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College Achievement Partnership OrientationFL07 - College...

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