College Success - COLLEGE SUCCESS Recently a local...

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COLLEGE SUCCESS Recently, a local newspaper wrote up the stories of a group of students in their first semester at Community College of Philadelphia in a program similar to yours. The article tracked the students’ success by noting how many empty chairs there were in the classroom. After about two months, there were six students missing out of twenty; by the end of the semester, nine were no longer in college. The short case studies of some of the students from this class are examples of the challenges college students face. Read through these short biographies, try to identify which students will succeed, and supply an explanation for their performance. Kandice was accepted at Girls’, Central, and Saul high schools, and she earned A’s at Girls’ for her first marking period. However, Kandice had to raise her three younger siblings and take care of the house after her mother left. It was a big responsibility, and she skipped school and moved in with a friend. Eventually, she returned home with her father and enrolled in Frankford, but moved out again and found
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College Success - COLLEGE SUCCESS Recently a local...

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