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English Learning Lab checklist - 7 List some uses for...

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English Learning Lab – Key Concepts Name ___________________________________________ Date ______________________ 1. What is a sentence? 2. Besides the simple, declarative sentence, what are some other sentence types? 3. Is it OK to begin a sentence with “because”? 4. Name some verb tenses. 5. What is meant by “subject-verb agreement”? 6. How does one make a noun possessive?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. List some uses for commas. 8. What is a thesis statement? 9. Name at least one writing task which you are comfortable with, can do well, or enjoy. 10. Is there a person in your family or community who understands the college experience and demands of college, and is this person supporting you this summer at Community College of Philadelphia?...
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