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LEARNING LAB ESL WORKSHOPS Fall 2007 These ESL workshops are ongoing and students can join in at any time throughout the semester!!! Come to B1-28 TITLE TIME AND PLACE BEGINS ESL CONVERSATION Tues 1:30 B1-28C Sept 25 Fri. 10:10 B1- 28C Sept 28 GRAMMAR AND Tues 2:30 B1-28 C Sept 25 WRITING PRACTICE Fri 11:15 B1-28 C Sept 28 (For intermediate-093) _____________________________________________________________ GRAMMAR AND Tues 12:00 B1-28 G Sept 25 WRITING PRACTICE Wed 12:20 B1-28 C Sept 26 ( For advanced- 098) _____________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: PRONUNCIATION Wed 12:20 B1-28 G Sept 26 ( For 072 & 073) Thurs 2:30 B1-27 Sept 27 _____________________________________________________________ Read All About It !! Mon 12:20 B1-27 A Sept 24 Current Events, History, & Culture Tues 2:30 B1-28 D Sept 25 (FOR 083 AND 099) ________________________________________________________________________ Study Groups for 083/093 See Elizabet Cuidet in B1-28 099/098 THESE WORKSHOPS ARE FREE TO CCP STUDENTS. SIGN UP IN ADVANCE IN ROOM B1-28. CONTACT JUDY REITZES (751-8471)...
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