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Outline for Lab Class Orientation 1. Teacher introductions and review of Lab class syllabus (5 min) 2. Student introductions – name, major, high school attended. Complete student attendance form in folder; ascertain that students not on list are in correct classroom. (10 min) 3. In groups of three, students list 3 factors which could negatively impact success and 3 factors which could positively impact success. (5 min) 4.
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Unformatted text preview: Have students silently read through list of “Factors for Student Success or Failure” on back of syllabus (See Materials) Ask - Do the factors match those which the students listed? Which are different? Which are the same? Group student-generated factors into personal, institutional, external categories and write on board. . Discuss ways to handle factors to plan for success. (20 min) 5. Questions, wrap-up...
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