Grammar Blue Book - Grammar Blue Book Project Purpose The Lab grammar blue book project is an attempt to link the Lab and classroom activities to

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Grammar Blue Book Project Purpose: The Lab grammar blue book project is an attempt to link the Lab and classroom activities, to give the students their own grammar guidebook, and to increase the students’ awareness of grammatical structures. Plan: Following a discussion between the Lab faculty and classroom teacher, selected grammar topics were listed. Each topic would be taught in the classroom by the English teacher. In a subsequent Lab class, the Lab specialist would ask the students to articulate what they had learned and to write this in their blue books. (Blue books were selected since they are inexpensive and can be collected and saved by the Lab teacher; any notebook can be used.) The Lab teacher can also ask the students to provide some examples and to provide a proofreading prompt. Example: After the students have learned how to form compound sentences with coordinating conjunctions, the Lab teacher can ask the students how they would form compound sentences. The responses, hopefully, will mention the coordinating conjunctions, commas, and clauses.
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