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LEARNING LAB MISSION AND GOALS The Learning Lab, a department in the Educational Support Services Division, supports college level and developmental instruction across the curricula. The goals of the Lab are To improve student academic achievement through supplemental activities, To increase student retention, especially during the student’s first year, and To deliver academic assistance services in a personalized and supportive environment. The Learning Lab faculty promote the teaching-learning process by providing supplemental, content-based instruction with a student-centered, problem-solving approach. Students are assisted to make academic progress, recognize their potential, and become independent learners. Much of the Lab faculty time is devoted to assisting students in academic programs associated with the Educational Support Services, so a brief description of these projects is provided for your information. COLLEGE ACHIEVEMENT PARTNERSHIP ( C.A.P. ) C.A.P offers a series of courses at the pre-college level for students who need improved skills and background before they go on to college level course work or enter the job market. A- level C.A.P. provides reading and writing (English 089/097), mathematics (Mathetics 016), and a Freshman Orientation experience designed to strengthen students' skills in language use, computation and navigating the college. B-level C.A.P. provides reading and writing (Englsih 098/099) and mathematics courses in rigorous preparation for collegiate study. In addition, students may enroll in content courses which have been specially designed for C.A.P. students. C-level C.A.P. ( 100/101) provides a transition for students from C.A.P. to regular college-level courses; students take courses in college reading, composition and two content areas. Students are placed into C.A.P. based upon placement test scores. Over two thousand students are registered in C.A.P. each semester. ACT NOW (AN) Placement into the Act Now program is based on reading and writing placement scores and financial eligibility. The program offers remedial/developmental courses in English and math throughout the school year in three fifteen-week semesters. Students wishing to be full- time may also register for one content course according to their interests. Classroom instruction is supplemented by tutoring and counseling, in groups and individually. Specific counseling services include decision making/career planning workshops, financial aid information, academic advising, and personal counseling. Cultural activities are provided as well. Act Now serves a few hundred students each semester. ENGLISH - AS - A - SECOND - LANGUAGE (ESL) 1
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This service is designed to meet the special educational needs of students who do not speak English as their first language. The cultural aspects of the students' background are incorporated into meaningful second language learning experiences. The ESL courses offer intensive training in listening/speaking, reading, and writing. There are five levels:
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handbook text - LEARNING LAB MISSION AND GOALS The Learning...

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