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How to Use AllWrite Click on AllWrite icon. When prompted for student ID number, click on Cancel. The software comes with a CD, but without it students work in self study mode, no assignments are posted and records not recorded by teacher. From the list of Chapters , highlight the chapter to work on. Choose Pretest . Some tests are quite long, e.g. “Subject and Verb Agreement” has 60 items, about half of which are intended to be challenging. When a chapter from the list is highlighted, click the hand icon in bottom right to access Practice. The Chapter list changes to a list of
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Unformatted text preview: objectives and now the Practice button on the right is active. Click Practice and indicate how many questions to attempt. • When in Practice, can get two types of Hel p. Tell M e is a summary, or Show Me “provides more extensive information and includes interactive exercises as well.” • A Glossary is also available. • Mai l is not functioning and on the left Animation and Bookmarks not work. • Click on How to for more detailed information on how to use the system. • Time gives a stopwatch....
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