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Learning Lab Class Computer Classroom Exercise January 2003 Copy these sentences on the word processor, substituting one of the lettered choices for the blank space. 1. _______ two ways to get there from here—my way and the wrong way. a) There’s b) They’re c) There are 2. Having to share a room with my sister has definitely _______ my ability to concentrate. a) affected b) effected
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Unformatted text preview: c) infected 3. The professor gave the most difficult problems to Andrea and _______. a) me b) I c) myself 4. The band leaves Saturday on a coast-to-coast tour in support of _______ new album. a) its b) it's c) their 5. My English teacher seems convinced that _______ students will never use proper grammar. a) us b) me and the other c) we from MSN Grammar Quiz...
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