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Suggested Activity to Teach PQ3R First Hour 1. Use self-evaluation to discuss concepts related to textbook reading 2. Explain the history of the method – developed by Robinson in 40’s, evaluated in many studies, especially useful for social science and science texts. 3. Explain each step. 4. Practice P (or Survey) with chemistry text on water. Give students 60 sec to read title, first paragraph, subheadings, captions, words in italics or bold, summary, etc. Ask what have they learned? Do they know anything about any of these topics? Are any topics challenging? What words might be new or difficult? How will they handle them? How long will it take to read this section? 5. Make up questions from some of the subheadings. Encourage students to go beyond “What,” “Where,” “When,” and “Who” questions to “Why” and “How”
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Unformatted text preview: questions. 6. Repeat process with the page from the sociology book. 7. Practice Reading, the first R. Encourage students to preview, make up question from sub-heading, and read. Discourage students from underlining as they read – have them underline when they have finished reading a significant section, such as one bounded by sub-headings. 8. Encourage students to annotate in margins. When finished, have them compare their notes with model. Second Hour 1. Use self-evaluation as review. 2. Continue review of P review, Q uestion, and R ead . 3. Review techniques to mark text. 4. Apply PQR with “Balance It Out” article. 5. Complete outlines as a R ehearsal technique. Also mention mapping. 6. Discuss ways to R eview. 7. Summarize whole approach – PQ3R...
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Outline_PQ3R - questions 6 Repeat process with the page...

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