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Paragraph variety - Somebody had a good idea The elderly...

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Sentence Variety In your writing, aim for variety by mixing coordination, subordination, and simple sentences. Rewrite the following paragraph to eliminate monotonous simple sentences. First, read the paragraph to determine the relationships between ideas; then choose the conjunctions that best express these relationships. Punctuate correctly. Last summer, people in my neighborhood became a community with a common concern. Suddenly one July afternoon, a power outage hit the area. I was very concerned about the refrigerator and the air conditioner for my elderly mother. The energy company had no idea when the problem would be repaired. Neighbors began to come out onto their porches. Many of them looked confused. People started to talk to each other. They were talking about emergency battery-operated appliances like fans.
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Unformatted text preview: Somebody had a good idea. The elderly people in the neighborhood should be invited into a home equipped with battery-operated fans. My mother agreed to walk across the street to a neighbor's home seeking relief from the heat. Soon there was a small gathering in this neighbor's home. Many neighbors had not talked to each other in years. They enjoyed about a three-hour visit caused by the power outage. Finally, the electricity was restored. People did not want to break up a friendly visit. They promised each other they wouldn't wait for the next blackout to get together again. Prepared by Dr. John Nace and Dr. Jay Howard, Learning Lab, Community College of Philadelphia, January 2000...
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  • Spring '08
  • Buchholtz
  • Power outage, Dr. John Nace, emergency battery-operated appliances, monotonous simple sentences, Dr. Jay Howard

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