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Suggested Learning Lab Portfolio Activities Demonstrate ability to write various types of sentences in academic English . Submit 15 original sentences which correspond to these sentence types. 3 simple sentences, 3 compound sentences with coordinating conjunctions, 3 compound sentences with conjunctive adverbs, 3 complex sentences with subordinating conjunctions, 3 complex sentences beginning with subordinating conjunctions. Rationale: competence in writing correct sentences is an essential basis for freshman composition and an awareness and use of sentence variety will help to make the writers more critical and sophisticated. Lab activities could include 1. what makes a sentence, distinguish words as nouns and verb, distinguish verbs as showing action or state of being, linking 2. instruction and practice on how to write compound sentences 3. instruction and practice on how to write complex sentences 4. identification of relationships between ideas 5. expansion of sentence types by imitating E. B. White example of a very long
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