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Possible Lab activities for Gateway 098 English

Possible Lab activities for Gateway 098 English - 6 th...

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Possible Lab activities for Gateway 098 English Writing Identify and justify “good fragments” Write a sentence similar to E.B.White’s first sentence of Chapter 13 of Stuart Little. Identify and explain logical fallacies Correct misplaced and dangling modifiers Use different words to indicate coordination or subordination in sentences ( Evergreen , 6 th edition, pp. 338-341.) Correct pronoun reference problems, ( Evergreen
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Unformatted text preview: , 6 th edition, pp. 401-403.) Practice proofreading paragraphs for a variety of errors Use online writing sites Reading Find information in a text and write notes in margin Outline information in a text Summarize an article Preview, question and read a selection from a textbook Practice reviewing and memorizing information from a textbook Write an explanation of information portrayed in a chart...
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