Potterlanguage - Why American kids dont consider Harry...

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Why American kids don’t consider Harry Potter an insufferable prig By now, it’s possible that the eleven-year-old in your life is on his or her second reading of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban , the latest volume in the insanely popular series of British children’s novels, which was published in the United States last week. One reason that American kids relate so well to Harry, the adolescent wizard, may be that he speaks their language - literally. The editions of the Harry Potter books sold here have been custom-edited for their Yankee audience. "I wasn’t trying to, quote, ‘Americanize’ them," Arthur Levine, the books’ editor, said. "What I was trying to do is translate, which I think is different. I wanted to make sure that an American kid reading the book would have the same literary experience that a British kid would have. A kid should be confused or challenged when the author wants the kid to be confused or challenged and not because of a difference of language." So, whereas British Harry checks a timetable for his wizarding classes, which he loves so much that he dreads going on holiday, American Harry consults a schedule and hates vacation. British Harry loves pudding, including jelly. American Harry likes dessert, including jello.
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Potterlanguage - Why American kids dont consider Harry...

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