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Proofreading Activities: Check off each item as it is completed. Check for mechanical errors, such as those related to punctuation, grammar, or spelling. The paper should be written with good sentences, but it is often difficult to pick out sentence fragments or run-ons when an essay is re-read since we often read for ideas. 1. Read your paper backwards. In other words, read the last sentence, then the penultimate sentence, then the third to last sentence, finishing up last with the first sentence. 2. Use the Find feature on the computer to Find a word which is a likely bête noire for your English teacher. (Choose at least one from this list.) You Etc 3. Use the Find feature to check for words which are frequently confused. Select your own words. 4. Go to this website
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Unformatted text preview: and if you have audio capabilities, try it out. What are the advantages of hearing your paper read out loud by someone else? Check for organization 1. Compare your paper to your outline. Use a marker to highlight the topics on your outline and use the same color to find the ideas in your paper. If you don’t have a rainbow selection of highlighters, use different number of underlinings, such as single, double, triple. 2. Find your thesis statement and mark each topic with a different color of a highlighter, then use a vertical mark of the same color to show which section of the essay is written about that topic. 3. Count the number of lines in the essay which are devoted to each topic and write them below. a. Topic 1 ___________ b. Topic 2 ___________ c. Topic 2 ___________...
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