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Proposal for Lab class to supplement Frank Fritz’s Engl 098 writing Goal : By mid-term, each student will have a personal writing handbook (blue book) which records notes of observations of at least 5 tutoring sessions and presents at least 3 principles. Process : In each Lab class, the students will bring some writing. It might be the start of an assignment from the English 098 class or a completed paper to be revised. The Lab teacher will work with about 5 students for half an hour. For about 5 minutes, the Lab teacher will tutor one student while the other 4 watch and take notes. The Lab teacher will model peer review and the other students will note what the Lab teacher does, says, corrects, or explains. After assisting one student for about 5 minutes, the Lab teacher will assist another student. After about 30 minutes, the Lab teacher will form another group of about 5 students and repeat the process. When not working in the small groups, the students can continue to write.
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Unformatted text preview: After the first week, the students who are not in the group can start to abstract writing principles from their notes and observations. Notes : In order to help student writers form principles, it might help to stage the model tutoring to focus on one or two topics. Perhaps the first tutoring could focus on the expression of a topic sentence or thesis. Each bit of student writing could be read to find this element, and the Lab teacher might help the student writer to formulate or revise this expression of a main point. The next week, the Lab teacher might shift to check for complete sentences. Then the third week might address development or organization. Focusing on one topic will also help the student observers to take notes and write up their principles. It will important to watch the clock. Each student will only have about 5 minutes of individual attention. It would probably help to collect the blue books after each Lab class. -Jay Howard 21 May 2009...
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