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quote exercise - with and without Internet access tax laws...

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Joan Jones, “Who Pays the Bill for Internet Shopping?” Philadelphia Inquirer , 5 Sept 2007, p. B2 Going to the mall may soon go out of style. These days more and more people are shopping from home over the Internet. In 2002 electronic commerce (e-commerce) took in approximately $40 billion from shoppers; by 2007 that amount is expected to be $105 billion or more ("Sales Tax"). These numbers are good news for the online stores and for online shoppers, who can anticipate increasing variety in e-commerce offerings. But because taxes are not collected on Internet sales as they are on purchases in almost all states, online stores compete unfairly with traditional "bricks and-mortar" stores, and shoppers with Internet access have an unfair advantage over shoppers with no such access. To improve equity between online and traditional stores and between consumers
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Unformatted text preview: with and without Internet access, tax laws should be revised to allow collection of sales taxes on Internet purchases. Direct quotation: _______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Indirect quotations: _______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Summary: ____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________...
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