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Suggested DRA (Directed Reading Activity) Preview the article. Give students specific questions to ask themselves, for example, "What do I know about this subject? What do I think of when I think about this topic? Who is the author? Do I know anything about this author? What is the source of the reading-newspaper, magazine, textbook, journal?" Scan headings, read first and last paragraphs, or first sentences of paragraphs. Beginning with the second week, ask students to recall the previous week's reading and speculate about connections with the new text. Vary the previewing from week to week, so students can experiment with different techniques. Read the article aloud together. Stop often to identify main ideas and supporting ideas, to paraphrase difficult language, to summarize. Stopping often implies that the text has some breaks, which might be signaled by sub-headings, or may have to be supplied by the instructor. Ask the students NOT to underline or to annotate until they have completed reading a section of text. If students underline as
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