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SIGNAL WORDS AND PHRASES 1. To indicate that another point or example follows: also furthermore another in addition moreover 2. To add emphasis: most important above all of primary concern remember that a key idea most significant pay attention to the main point 3. To indicate that an example follows: for example to illustrate such as for instance specifically 4. To indicate that a conclusion follows: therefore in conclusion finally consequently to conclude so thus 5. To indicate an exception to a stated fact or to indicate a change in thought or direction:
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Unformatted text preview: however although but nevertheless though except yet 6. To indicate causes or effects: because due to consequently since reason result for cause effect 7. To indicate that categories or divisions will be named or explained: types parts kinds characteristics 8. To indicate a sequence: steps numbers stages first, second, etc. 9. To indicate that items are being compared: similar different equally like in contrast on the other hand advantages disadvantages contrary to...
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