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Outline for Lab Class Orientation-Ten-Week Introductions 1. Teacher introductions and review of Lab class syllabus (5 min) 2. Student introductions – name, major, high school attended. Complete student attendance form in folder; ascertain that students not on list are in correct classroom. (10 min) Reading Activity 3. Review list of factors which hinder/promote student success from syllabus. Ask students to explain how some factors would function in classroom or neighborhood. (10 min) 4. Distribute “College Success” handout. Establish a purpose for reading by asking students to read the case studies and find a factor, positive or negative, which might influence each student.
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Unformatted text preview: (15 min) 5. Ask students to visualize their own college career. What might be some positive influences which they will face? How will they handle the negative factors? (10 min) Writing Activity 6. Complete self-evaluation “What Are Your Priorities?” (10 min) 7. Discuss rankings. Some students will rank academic activities high, but others will rank work-related and personal activities high. (10 min) 8. Ask students to write a response to topics related to time management. Collect their responses and review for potential topics for instruction. (10 min) Wrap-up 9. Questions, comments from students....
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