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Ten-Week Lab Classes Purpose: The Lab classes are intended to provide supplemental instruction for students enrolled in English 098/099 or English 098-108. The Ten-Week Semester: The Ten-week semesters start three weeks after the usual Fall or Spring semesters and end on the same date as the Fall and Spring semesters. The numbers of classroom instructional hours is the same, 42 for each 3-credit course, and the number of Lab class hours are the same, 14. However, in the Ten-week semester, the Lab class is 1 hour and 24 minutes long and most of the Lab classes are offered on Friday afternoons. Problems and Solutions: Attendance at the Ten-week Lab classes can be a problem due to scheduling; therefore, it is important to motivate the students to attend the Lab classes. During the first Lab class, it might help to give the students an idea of what they need to learn by asking the students to complete the Lab Skills Checklist. There are some topics which will be unfamiliar, and the students can learn more about the topics during
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Unformatted text preview: subsequent Lab classes. • The Lab instructor can emphasize that what will be taught in the Lab is important for success in the English 098/099/108 class. While the order of the topics may vary between the Lab and English class, the goal is the same. • The Lab instructor should limit lecturing and emphasize activities. It also helps to present both a reading and a writing activity during the same Lab. • If possible, the Lab and classroom teachers can collaborate so that the Lab is an extension of the classroom. The Friday hour for the Lab might be useful if the classroom teacher assigns an essay to be written over the weekend. The Lab time can be used to help students form their thesis statements and topic sentences, to brainstorm, or start a first draft. Support: Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. Jay Howard, 215.751.8929 e-mail: [email protected]..
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