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VERB USAGE Inside each pair of parentheses are two forms of a verb. Choose the correct verb form and indicate your choice by deleting the wrong form, leaving the correct one. Make sure you check the time sequence of the verb forms. 1. My father pretended to be angry when I (arrive, arrived) home late on a school night. 2. I started brushing my teeth more regularly after I (learn, learned) all the benefits of good oral hygiene. 3. Recently, many first-page stories in the newspaper (concerned, have concerned) expected problems caused by "the Y2K computer bug." 4. Usually, essays and articles written about novels and stories (appear, had appeared) in
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Unformatted text preview: the present tense. 5. When my alarm clock went off this morning, I (awake, awoke) immediately. 6. Having trained for the new position, Rob (feels, felt) well-prepared to start work on the first day. 7. When one decides to make positive changes in life, it often (took, takes) determination to realize one's goals. 8. Jimmy Carter was a Democratic U.S. president who (serves, served) one term in the White House. Prepared by Dr. John Nace and Dr. Jay Howard, Learning Lab, Community College of Philadelphia, January 2000...
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