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ELEMENTS OF FICTION In the same way that a painter uses shape, color, perspective, and other aspects of visual art to create a painting, a fiction writer uses plot , character , setting , point of view , theme , and various kinds of symbolism and figurative language to create artistic effect in fiction. Knowledge of these elements of fiction is necessary for most critical discussions of fiction. PLOT Plot refers to the series of events that give a story its meaning and effect. In most stories, these events arise out of conflict experienced by the main character. Conflict is the dramatic struggle between two forces in a story. The conflict may come from something external, like a dragon or an overbearing mother, or it may stem from an internal issue, such as jealousy, loss of identity, or overconfidence. Types of conflict are sometimes identified as Human vs. Human , Human vs. Nature , Human vs. Society , and Human vs. Self . Plot structure often functions so that the story begins with exposition which leads to rising action as the character experiences conflict and crisis. This conflict reaches a climax , after which the conflict is resolved, and the falling action leads quickly to the story's end or
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Elements_of_Fiction[1] - ELEMENTS OF FICTION In the same...

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