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PQ3R - R = READ Read to answer your questions Note other...

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PQ3R: A READING/STUDY TECHNIQUE PQ3R is best used with textbook material, but it can also be applied to some articles. P = PREVIEW 1. Read the title and ask yourself what you already know about this topic. 2. Read the introduction to the selection to get an idea of the content and purpose. 3. Skim through the selection, noting a. headings and subheadings b. words in bold or italics c. information in sidebars d. diagrams, pictures, graphs 4. Read the summary at the end to identify main ideas, concepts, and terms Q = QUESTION Turn each heading or subheading into a question. Ask “what?” “who?” “where?” “when?” Try to also ask “why?” and “how?” Write these questions in the book or on a separate sheet of paper. Use them to establish some purposes for reading. Over time you will be able to develop more sophisticated questions.
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Unformatted text preview: R = READ Read to answer your questions. Note other important information. Mark the text AFTER you read – do not underline or highlight WHILE reading, but wait until you have finished a paragraph or section. Try to make marginal notes – brief summaries, in your own words, of what you have read, comments, or more questions. R = REHEARSE Rehearse the answers to your questions, the new vocabulary, or important information. Rehearsal should be active – write out answers, say vocabulary words, paraphrase information. R = REVIEW When you have finished questioning, reading, and rehearsing a major section of the text, review before going to the next section or chapter. Check the accuracy of your responses, change as needed. When you have finished the whole chapter, do a complete review....
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