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Some_Things_to_Think_About - is your priority “I was...

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Some Things to Think About Three students receive the same poor grade on an exam. They respond as follows: Student One asks, “Are you going to curve this? It was too hard.” Student Two asks, “How did everybody else do? What was the average?” Student Three asks, “What can I do to prepare better for the next time?” Which of these students is in college? What does each student’s question tell a professor about him or her? Student One: Student Two: Student Three: Some Questions to Avoid “Will this affect my grade?” - Whatever “this” is, it will play a part in your grade. How much or how little depends upon the rest of your work “Can I still get a B?” - This question will usually lead a professor to think that your grade, not learning,
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Unformatted text preview: is your priority. “I was absent last class. Did I miss anything important?”-Most professors teach because they are passionate about the subject. If you missed anything, it was important. Two Basic Survival Rules Say “I,” not “you.”-“I honestly don’t understand my grade on this essay” tells the professor you’re a concerned student. “Why did you give me such a low grade?” is confrontational and will make the professor defensive. Don’t focus on the problem, focus on solutions.- Ask your professor: “Can you make two or three suggestions that can help me be better?”...
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