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Tips for Marking Texts - text place asterisks arrows and...

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Tips for Marking Texts What to look for in texts Headings and subtitles Signal words Definitions Examples Lists Italics or bold print Charts and graphs How to mark texts Read (and reread if necessary) before marking texts Develop a consistent method for marking texts Differentiate main ideas from details by using double lines, single lines or different colored markers Use the margins of the text to indicate where important information is within the
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Unformatted text preview: text place asterisks *, arrows and abbreviations such as def and ex in the margins • Try to identify only one main idea per paragraph • Use the margins of the text for summaries How to be actively engaged in the texts • Preview the text using PQ3R • Note repetition of ideas, use of synonyms • Make connections – relate material to previous reading • Rework the marked text material into notes....
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