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TRUE OR FALSE 1. The faster one reads, the better reader s/he is. _________ 2. People who read slowly can never be good readers. _________ 3. The main point in reading is to make certain that your eyes see every word. _________ 4. Reading with a question in mind is very confusing to the reader. _________ 5. Each person gets slightly different ideas from what is read. _________ 6. Stopping to think about what one is reading is a useful technique. _________ 7. One should be most concerned with remembering all the details in reading. _________ 8. A newspaper, a poem, a novel or an economics text should be each be read differently.
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Unformatted text preview: _________ 9. Sometimes it is possible to understand the meanings of unfamiliar words from the rest of the sentence or paragraph. _________ 10. Looking up words in the dictionary slows up reading too much. _________ 11. Skimming material quickly is a bad technique to use when reading. _________ 12. One should accept unquestioningly whatever is written in a book. _________ 13. One should never write in a book. _________ 14. Underlining is the best method for remembering what you read. _________ 15. The more widely a person reads, the better reader s/he becomes. _________...
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