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research project - Mtyma McNeal November 9 2010 Elizabeth...

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M’tyma McNeal November 9, 2010 Elizabeth Williamson Persuasive Writing She is seductive, alluring, worldly, beguiling, tempting and lewd. They think of her as promiscuous and even predatory. This is the description of the Black Woman. She is a “Jezebel”. Well, at least this is what the media portrays the black woman as. Black women have always been portrayed as very sexual, but over time it has gotten worse. The way black women are portrayed in movies and music videos are unfair to black women as a whole because not every woman falls under this stereotype that the media portrays. Is it the woman’s fault that they allow themselves to be portrayed in this way and how does this affect black woman as a whole? In this essay I will discuss why judging all black women on what they see in advertisements is wrong. The beliefs that blacks are very sexual people dates back to when European explorers traveled to Africa. They found scantily clad natives whose semi-nudity was mistaken as lewdness. The African polygamy and tribal dances seemed to be proof of the sexually lust of black people. The Europeans misunderstanding of the culture resulted in the conclusion that black people were naturally sexual. During times of slavery, black women particularly ones who were light skinned, willingly became concubines for wealthy white southerners. “This system, called placage, involved a formal arrangement for the White suitor/ customer to financially support the Black woman and her children in exchange for her long-term sexual services”, says Dr. David Pilgrim of Ferris State University. The Jezebel stereotype was used during slavery to
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rationalize the sexual relations between Black women and White men. The Jezebel was depicted as a Black woman who had a never ending appetite for sex, and she desired white men because Black men could not satisfy her. This was the white man’s reasoning as to why they did not have to rape them. In the 18
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research project - Mtyma McNeal November 9 2010 Elizabeth...

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