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science of sound 1 - Mtyma McNeal Partner: Julise...

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M’tyma McNeal Partner: Julise Corrington Science of Sound The precedence effect is the auditory system’s ability to process sound from two different directions and then determine different of the sounds based which reaches the ear first. The human ear is very sensitive in detecting small differences in arrival time. My partner Julise and myself conducted three mini experiments where we did 4 trials which resulted in displaying the precedence effect. In our first experiment I administered the taps and Julise was the listener. As Julise held the hallow tube that we marked in the middle at her ears I taped for single times to the left and right. After each tap Julise was to tell me which direction she heard the sound come from first. During the first trial I tapped one inch to the right and then left. I did this for all four trials. The first trial she heard from the right first. The second and third she heard from the left. The last come from the right. For the second experiment we used two radios placed at the opposite end of her my
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science of sound 1 - Mtyma McNeal Partner: Julise...

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