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Questions for the Sputum Bow2l - endotracheal tube A 12...

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Questions for the Sputum Bowl Diagnostics Q: What is the name of the electrode that measures the partial pressure of CO2 in blood gas analysis? A: Severinghaus electrode Ref: # 12, pg.# 42 Submitted by: Community College of Phila. Neonatology/Pediatrics Q: Patients receiving Ribavirin(Virazole) to treat infections from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) require a special aerosol-generating device. What is this device called? A: Small particle aerosol generator (SPAG) Ref:#6,pg# 131 Submitted by: Community College of Phila. Airway Management Q: What maximum French size suction catheter should be used for a size 8.0
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Unformatted text preview: endotracheal tube? A: 12 French (I.D. 8.0 x 3 )/ 2 = 12 Fr. Ref:#6,pg#162 Submitted by: Community College of Phila. Diagnostics Q: Name two tests that can be used to assess airway hyperreactivity? A: Methacholine Challenge Histamine Challeng Eucapnic hyperventilation Exercise Cold air Ref:#15,pg#205 Submitted by: Community College of Phila. Diagnostics Q: The pressure plethysmograph is based on an application of what law? A: Boyle’s law Ref: #15, pg#280...
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