questions sputum bow3l - A. Cl-Hco3-Hpo42-SO42-Ref#12, pg...

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Humidity/Aerosol Q. Name three factors that influence the efficiency of a HME. A. Size of tidal volume Inspiratory gas flow rate FiO2 Ref #6, pg 105 Humidity/Aerosol Q. Name 3 contradictions for using an HME. A. Increased volume of secretions Thick, dehydrated secretions Hypothermia Large tidal volumes (greater than 1000 ml) During aerosol therapy Small tidal volume with large – volume HME devices With heated humidification Airway leaks around artificial airway Ref #6, pg 107 Humidity/Aerosol Q. What size does a particle have to be to enter and deposit in an alveoli? A.. 0.5 – 2 um Ref.#6, pg 112 Pharmacology Q. Thiazide diuretics interfere with Na at what part of the kidney? A. Distal tubule Ref#12, pg 234
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Diagnostics Q. Name 3 anion electrolytes found in plasma.
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Unformatted text preview: A. Cl-Hco3-Hpo42-SO42-Ref#12, pg 230 Anatomy/Physiology Q. Where are J receptors found? A. Interstitial tissue of the alveolar capillary membrane. Ref#12, pg 228 Chemistry/Physics Q. What law states that in a volume of fluid, the total positive charges of the cations are equal to the total negative charges of the anions? A. Law of electroneutrality Ref#12, pg 236 Anatomy/Physiology Q. What hormone is needed to react with angiotensin I to form angiotensin II? A. Renin Ref#12, pg 233 Acute Care Q. What type of ABG is commonly seen in aspirin overdose? A. Respiratory alkalosis Ref #12, pg 248 Diagnostics Q. What type of electrode is used to measure Po2? A. Clark electrode Ref#12, pg 40...
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questions sputum bow3l - A. Cl-Hco3-Hpo42-SO42-Ref#12, pg...

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