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M’tyma McNeal February 14 th , 2010 Advertising Research Article 1: The objective of this first study was to figure out perceptions of organic food among a selected group of students in Ohio State University using the survey research. Selected groups of this study were family, friends, celebrities, politicians and professors. Some of the specific objectives of this study were to describe to the degree of how label, brands and prices of organic food affected the perceptions of the students. Another was to describe the degree of influence that the media has on perceptions of organic food. This study was conducted on undergraduates from Ohio State from the College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Studies. Quantitative
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Unformatted text preview: research was conducted for this study. Part of the study was comparative which showed whether gender and college major played a significant influence on perceptions of organic foods. In this study a questionnaire was used with 28 questions, and to secure the validity of the questionnaire 7 experts reviewed it. The results of this study were up to what I expected them to be. Price influenced students perceptions of organic food but the brand of the organic foods didnt. 38% of the students said that family influences their perceptions of organic foods....
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