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assignment 1 - Today MTV’s target audience is the youth...

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M’tyma McNeal February 7 th , 2010 The Future of Your TV Section 001 “Remember when there was Music on MTV” The MTV network started out in 1981, and was the first specialized network where people could watch their favorite artist perform songs and watch videos all day long. After 25 years of MTV there has been a significant change in the focus and overall goal of the network. MTV rarely plays music videos anymore. I believe MTV’s audience primarily stayed the same because the always focused on pop culture, but they probably lost viewers who generally just wanted to watch music videos instead of watching reality TV. “As the characters live a world of contemporary, fashionable urban lifestyles, and the series are populated by young adults concerned with their cool and trendy self-presentation and the complex rules of dating and relationships, these programs brand the channels which show them and the audiences which consume them with signs of quality and distinctiveness.”(Bignell,2009)
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Unformatted text preview: Today MTV’s target audience is the youth. Many of their reality shows like Teen mom, Teen cribs, and Real World are targeted towards teenagers and issues they face. MTV has a website where you can listen to music, check out information on your favorite shows, and read about news on celebrities. MTV also always you to download ringtones of your favorite songs and you can also download your favorite shows and watch them on your phone. The MTV network is very advanced when it comes to the use of technology as are many networks this day in age. The network shows commercials and advertisements aimed towards the people who watch their networks which are mainly teens. They show commercials about body wash for men and women, commercials about peer pressure, facts about smoking, gum commercial, and other things that affect teens. They do this because why not advertise products that are most helpful or affective for the audience you are entertaining....
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