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The semester long project that our team has worked on was looking at how Online Grocery Delivery Services would impact and better the lives of college students. Our client was Genuardi’s. Genuardi’s is a company that offers Online Grocery delivery services as well as in- store grocery shopping. When brainstorming ideas for the project, our team realized that college students face many challenges when it comes to grocery shopping. Some college students don’t have reliable means of transportation to go grocery shopping, busy schedules, and some grocery stores are too far away from campuses. We realized that if college students used Online Grocery Delivery services like Genuardi’s, then many of these problems could be avoided. College students would have groceries delivered straight to their dorm or apartments, they could
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Unformatted text preview: schedule groceries to be delivered according to their schedules, and they wouldnt have to worry about the travel. Our group needed to learn a lot about our target market for our audience. We hoped to learn a lot about how college students usually do grocery shopping and if they would be willing to trust and use the product. Our team wanted to learn what college students valued in a grocery store whether it was smarter food choices, discounts, or better deals. We also wanted to learn if the college students trusted online services. We needed to find valid information for our client, to show why marketing to college students is a good idea. In this report we will show you the different types of research we did to find information on our target market....
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