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Memo To: Chuck McLeester From: M’tyma McNeal Date: 1/31/10 Re: The brand that I decided to do my Field Observation exercise on was Bank of America. This bank wants the customers to know that they have everything their customers need to feel comfortable. I believe that this brand also plays into its name. The name is Bank of America, and America is a very diverse country and the environment of Bank of America is diverse as well. As I sat in the bank it the employees seemed to be friendly to everyone who walked in, and it seemed like this was an environment for every type of person. There were so many different types of people that varied in
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Unformatted text preview: ethnicity, age and even social status. I watched a Bank of America advertisement by Kiefer Sutherland, and the ad does in fact match the atmosphere that I observed. The advertisement explained how bank of America had everything that families and people in America needed to have in order to trust in a bank. The ad showed people of all ages, business people, and stay at home moms. The advertisement showed the employees being friendly to the customers who walked in, and offering them help....
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